New livery coming

With the all-new new GSX-S1000 unveiled just recently, we were hoping the GSX-S750 would be next. Alas, it looks like the all-new model is not quite ride. Still, Suzuki has given the far more popular little brother of the GSX-S1000 some much needed updates.

It’s still powered by the same 749cc four-cylinder fuel-injected engine derived from the GSX-R supersport. However, Suzuki adds new technologies like downdraft double-barrel Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system, a digital ignition system, Idle Speed Control (ISC) and the use of iridium spark plugs contribute to linear throttle response.

Suzuki brings mild updates to GSX-S750 image

It also gets some much needed tech like Suzuki’s Low RPM Assist, which controls engine speed to prevent stalling or jerking. It also gets a new three-mode traction control system, with mode one for sport riding with minimal intervention; mode two with an ideal balance for typical road conditions; and mode three for maximum traction control when riding in poor conditions.

Finally, the final gear ratio of its transmission has been optimized for positive acceleration. This change helps maximize acceleration, while sixth gear retains a ratio that does not compromise top speed.

Suzuki brings mild updates to GSX-S750 image


Perhaps most evident of all is the new color. It’s offered in a new Pearl Brilliant White/Champion Yellow no.2 two tone scheme that serves as a clean and crisp new white version with a vibrant, fluro yellow bellypan.

Suzuki brings mild updates to GSX-S750 image

The GSX-S750 is still available in its other colors like blue, black and grey. For now, this new color is only available in Europe with our region hopefully getting it soon.