The Chinese electric scooter gets Ducati branding

Super Soco has just released its CUx Ducati Special Edition, an electric scooter created in collaboration with the prestigious Italian brand. This project can be considered as another small step Ducati is taking as it warms up to the global trend of electrification, as well as one way Super Soco can gain more brand awareness. The Chinese brand also offers the TS, TC, and TCmax electric motorcycles.

Super Sock Intelligent Technology is Shanghai's fast-growing developer of electric two-wheelers. Production is done in Nanjing, China and its global distribution network focuses on Asia and Europe. Super Soco also moves and markets its high-tech bikes overseas through its Australian partner, Vmoto. It is now an official supplier for Ducati.

Super Soco releases CUx Special Edition Ducati e-scooter image

We recently reported that Vmoto announced its agreement with Ducati to create an electric scooter with Super Soco — indicating that it would be a more premium version of the existing CUx, which is also sold by Xiaomi with a front-facing HD camera. The Super Soco CUx Special Edition Ducati comes with exclusive branded graphics, a matte black front fender, and possibly a different floorboard. Not much else seems to have changed.

Super Soco releases CUx Special Edition Ducati e-scooter image

The Super Soco CUx is powered by a 1,300 W Bosch hub motor. The electric scooter has a range of 75 km and top speed of 45 km/h. Its removable lithium battery (60 V, 32 Ah) takes 7-8 hours to charge using a three-pin plug and claims a linespan of 700 cycles. You can ride the CUx through the city to your destination, park it anywhere, take the battery out, and charge it indoors. The CUx also features an LCD screen, all-round LED lighting, keyless starter, and an active theft prevention system. It will be available until December 31, 2020 for €2,980.