GASGAS Factory Racing takes the 2022 Dakar Championship

Last year’s Dakar Rally, it was Honda who took home the championship. This year, it’s GASGAS. Sam Sunderland and GASGAS Factory Racing have won the 2022 Dakar Rally, delivering exactly the kind of mature, considered performance we’ve come to expect of him over the last two weeks.

Sam Sunderland of GASGAS is 2022 Dakar Rally Champion image

Finishing eighth in Dakar’s final stage, Sam has claimed overall victory at the 44th Dakar Rally. And, at the end of 12 grueling days of racing across the Saudi Arabian desert, he’s handed GASGAS its first-ever victory at the world’s most iconic rally raid event.

“This win feels better than the first as this victory was anything but easy. The times were so close this year and there was no time to let off the gas, it was a really close race, right to the end. All of the hard work, the sacrifices, and everything that the GASGAS team has done for me make it all worthwhile. It’s been five years since my first Dakar win, and it’s been a long time to wait,” said Sunderland.

Sam Sunderland of GASGAS is 2022 Dakar Rally Champion image

Sam’s second Dakar victory is not just an incredible personal achievement, it also marks the return of the title to KTM AG, as they are the owners of the Spanish company GASGAS since 2019. With 19 wins in the last 22 years, Sam’s victory re-affirms the group’s commitment and ongoing success at the world’s toughest rally raid.