Corsa Philippines at this year's Makina Moto Tiangge

Corsa Philippines, one of the leading motorcycle tire brands in the Philippines, has recently concluded its participation at the Makina Moto Tiangge 2023 between October 14-15, 2023.

According to Corsa Philippines, in a field of 11 motorcycle tire brands, the company emerged victorious, once again proving its status as the top choice for Filipino riders. Corsa tires are known for their high quality, performance, and durability, while also being relatively affordable. This makes them a popular choice for riders of all levels, from scooters to standard mid-bikes to popular big bikes.

Stunt show, gymkhana by Corsa PH at Makita Moto Tiangge image

At the Makina Moto Tiangge 2023, Corsa Philippines played a key role in keeping the event festive and flocked by riders until 12 midnight. As soon as Makina Moto Tiangge opened, the Corsa Booth displayed numerous factors that made riders choose Corsa.

Strategic Corsa Tires Booth

Attendees checked out the quality yet affordable tires of Corsa, a gesture that Corsa Philippines is offering value.

Stunt show, gymkhana by Corsa PH at Makita Moto Tiangge image

Fun-short games were also installed to keep the moment heightened with lots of freebies - key chains, fans, button pins, arm sleeves, tube masks, and shirts. An actual change-tire section was also found to keep riders at ease on worrying about where to install their new tires, while Corsa ladies kept the photographers busy with their skilled shots at the booth. All happening in one venue.

Elite Acquaintance with Corsa Tires and the “Corsa Elites”

Corsa Philippines also showcased its Corsa Ambassadors, "Corsa Elites,"- Boss G, Boss Karl, Breezy, Fake Moto, Goddess Moto, IAmJamich, Jan SY Photo+Blogs, MotoKem, Madamnventure, Nars Lagalag, and S1rTroy Motovlog.

They had a meet-and-greet with followers and testified about their experience using Corsa tires.

Dominating Performance with the Corsa Stunt Masters

Another Corsa ambassador in the field of performance also graced the event. The Corsa Traction Masters Stunt Team, a well-known motorcycle bike stunt performer showcased the Corsa tires' dependable grip and performance. Mark Louie Del Rosario, Khen Dela Cruz, and Joseph San Miguel have been looking for dependable tires that are also cost-effective.

Stunt show, gymkhana by Corsa PH at Makita Moto Tiangge image

With the Corsa tires, the search is over, proving it is not by word, but by what they do and can show using their motorcycle. The performance lasted almost an hour as spectators were in awe, expectations met to the dominating performance of the tires.

Challenging Experience at the 1st Corsa Moto Skills Challenge

The excitement did not stop there. As the day progresses, the 1st Corsa Moto Skills Challenge is getting ready for the night's fun activity. It showcases the greatest riders to showcase their “khana” moves in a safe but relevant skills competition.

Stunt show, gymkhana by Corsa PH at Makita Moto Tiangge image

Alongside, a lifestyle activity supported by Corsa tires and Jabbre Motocom, KOTC Basketball Challenge, shows the riders' move not only on their bikes but on the courtside as well. A 1v1 celebrity match with “Corsa Elites” and Moto-Media made it even more interesting. The KOTC is also supported by Repsol, Aeropak, HJC, Toptul, Augi, Usagi, and Blaupunkt.

From the 1st Moto Skills Challenge to the Corsa Tire Display, Corsa Philippines made sure that riders had a fun and exciting time at the event.
“We are thrilled to have been a part of the Makina Moto Tiangge 2023,” said Mr. Andrew Lim, Corsa Philippines. “It was a great opportunity to showcase our products and services to the Filipino riding community. We are also proud to have played a key role in making the event a success.”

Corsa Moto Skills Challenge Winners

Stunt show, gymkhana by Corsa PH at Makita Moto Tiangge image

Scooter Beginner
First Place - Von Erick Minoter (01:10:65)
Second Place - Raven Ubalubao (01:12:66)
Third Place - Franz Alejandro (01:13:92)

Underbone Open
First Place - Christian Jose (01:00:56)
Second Place - Mark Louie Del Rosario (01:03:67)
Third Place - Chyl Marion Hernandez (01:05:01)

Scooter Open
First Place - Christian Jose (00:56:89)
Second Place - Ken Del Cruz (01:02:77)
Third Place - Maverick (01:03:56)

Maxi Scooter
First Place - Phil Austin Mirasol (01:02:42)
Second Place - Christian Jose (01:02:69)
Third Place - Joseph San Miguel (01:12:42)

Corsa Philippines is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services. The company is also committed to supporting the Filipino riding community. Expect to see more Corsa tires and Corsa tires activity nationwide.

About Corsa Tires Philippines

Corsa Tires Philippines is the foremost brand of motorcycle tires in both Indonesia and the Philippines. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Corsa Tires Philippines is dedicated to providing motorcycle enthusiasts with superior performance and unmatched dominance across diverse terrains. By delivering products of the highest quality, Corsa Tires Philippines continually enhances the riding experience, solidifying its position as the go-to brand for motorcycle tire excellence.