I-ACT publishes checklist to spot colorum MC Taxi riders

In about a month's time, the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study Program is about to end. In support of the Technical Working Group (TWG) that is tasked to study the feasibility of MC Taxis as another mode of transportation in the future, the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) has published a checklist on how to spot a legitimate MC Taxi rider versus those who are colorum or not included in the Pilot Study.

The current MC Taxi Pilot Study has only authorized JoyRide, Angkas, and MoveIt to operate. Any other operator is considered colorum. In addition, only riders on the master list submitted by these three companies are authorized to pick up passengers. 

To spot the not, here are a few things to look for when you are a passenger:

The rider must be wearing an identifying uniform (indicating they are from JoyRide, Angkas, or MoveIt);

The rider must also be wearing a reflectorized vest with identifying info eg: rider number, company name, etc;

Their vest should have a strap or belt grip for passengers to hold on to;

Their motorcycle should have a top box (rear utility box).

Besides reminding passengers on how to spot colorum riders, I-ACT will also look for these during their random or spot checkpoints:

The MC Taxi rider must possess a professional driver's license bearing restriction code 1 (We have an article explaining these restrictions here);

The MC Taxi rider should be wearing a standard motorcycle helmet with reflector and the proper ICC/ BPS mark.

The motorcycle being used should be no more than 5 years old, and all lights and horns should be working in accordance with existing laws.

For the passenger, I-ACT will also check if the MC Taxi has provided him or her with a standard helmet with reflector and ICC/ BPS sticker, face mask and headliner / hair cap.

If there are any violations found by I-ACT agents, a Temporary Operator's Permit (TOP) will be issued to the erring MC Taxi rider. If the erring MC Taxi rider's name and records are not found on the master list submitted to the Pilot Study Program, he or she will be deemed as colorum and harsher penalties will be imposed, including impounding of the motorcycle.

“Be reminded that the TWG and the players of the pilot study have already reached a consensus on the checklist for its smooth implementation. It is the responsibility of Angkas, Move It, and JoyRide to ensure that their riders strictly comply with safety protocols. It’s very easy to paint traffic law enforcers as the villains in this situation, but we are simply enforcing the law for the safety and security of the riding public,” expressed I-ACT Task Force Chief B/Gen. Manuel Gonzales (Ret.).