Don't buy counterfeit

Just recently, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) conducted a webinar about the standard motorcycle helmets and child restraint systems (CRS). The webinar is part of a series of product-focused webinars organized by the bureau to educate the public on the 87 products subject to mandatory product certification to ensure safety and quality.

The three-hour webinar session was attended by 208 participants from various private and public sectors and was highlighted by the discussion on the certification process, reference standards, and legislative policies for both motorcycle helmets and child restraint systems.

One of the interesting bits of information shared in the seminar is that riders are required by law to wear only helmets that are certified by the DTI. This has been imposed since 2009.

Republic Act 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 mandates that only helmets that went through DTI’s testing or were certified by the agency, are the ones motorcycle riders should wear. These helmets bear the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) or Philippine Standard (PS) sticker on them.

If caught using a substandard or helmets bearing a fake sticker from the DTI, a corresponding fine of PhP 3,000 will be imposed upon the rider, as outlined in Sec. 7 (c) of RA 10054.

ICC verification mobile app

DTI now has mobile app to check fake ICC marks image

Not surprisingly, there have been many fake ICC or PS stickers spreading, sometimes even being sold separately. An individual can buy one in places like Quiapo or the Port Area in Manila for a few bucks. Be warned, however, as the DTI now has a mobile app to determine if the ICC is fake or legit.

The ICC Verification Mobile App can be downloaded for free through Google Play or App Store, making it easier – even for consumers – to detect if products, including motorcycle helmets, are certified by the DTI.

To determine if an ICC sticker is legit, just scan the QR code found on the ICC sticker via the ICC Verification Mobile App. If the sticker is legit, it should show details like the serial number, company name, and info. If the ICC sticker is fake, the app will show a “No Record Found” message. If you see this message on a product they're selling, it's best not to buy it, especially if it’s something that should protect your head in the event of a accident.