Bigger engine and Euro 5 compliant

Early this year, rumors started circulating that Honda would upgrade the Africa Twin with a larger-displacement engine. Just recently, the specs of the 2020 Honda Africa Twin were leaked. At first, we thought that the adventure bike’s 998 cc parallel twin would get bumped up to 1080 cc... Turns out that the engine will get a displacement of 1,084 cc — close enough!

Motorcycle journalists from Bennetts managed to get their hands on detailed specifications of the 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin, however, photos of the actual motorcycle are still not available. According to the leak, the new African Twin will get a power boost from 95 PS to 102 PS, still at 7,500 rpm. The machine will also be torquier and 3 dB quieter. These efforts aim to comply with Euro 5 standards. The new model will also be taller and heavier with a height of 1,560 mm and weight of 238 kg — compared to the previous 1,475 mm and 232 kg. It will be 30 mm wider at 960 mm, and the length will vary from 2,330 mm to 2,340 mm depending on the suspension setup. As with the previous Africa Twin, four versions will be available — the base model, DCT, Adventure Sports, and Adventure Sports DCT — which will share the same 1,575 mm wheelbase of the current model.

For 2020, the Adventure Sports version will only add 2 kg to the motorcycle’s total weight, while DCT will add another 10 kg. This suggests that the new bike will come with the existing Adventure Sports’ larger 24.2 L fuel tank as standard. The main difference between the base model and the Adventure Sports will probably be off-road accessories.

By the way, Honda Europe just published a vague teaser video for a new adventure bike. People are expecting it to be the new CRF1100L Africa Twin. If they're correct, we'll also be getting the official specs soon after the actual reveal to see if the leaks were right.