Yamaha Zuma 125 is a dual sport scooter

When Honda finally brought in the ADV 150 scooter late last year, everybody wanted a piece of it. Until now, there’s still a very long waiting list if you want one for yourself.

So when photos of another dual-sport-inspired scooter spread on Filipino rider social media channels this past weekend, people naturally has asked if Yamaha will offer it here to go against Honda’s “adventure” scooter, or Suzuki's newly launched Skydrive Crossover.

That scooter is the Yamaha BW'S 125, also called as the “Zuma” in some markets. It is a 125cc scooter powered by Yamaha’s patented BlueCore engine (possibly similar to the Mio 125). Its styling cues are a combination of a rugged off-roader with a touch of city scooter sophistication.

Will Yamaha PH challenge Honda with this dual sport scooter? image

With a claimed weight of only 127 kilograms, this scooter will surely be fun to ride in mild to moderate off-road terrain. Thanks to its dual-sport tires on 12-inch rims, one can really have the confidence riding this scooter off-road.

Other features include disc brakes for the front and rear, a USB charging port, heavy duty telescopic forks and asymmetric Baja-inspired headlights.


Will Yamaha PH challenge Honda with this dual sport scooter? image

It may be new to Filipinos, but the Yamaha Zuma has actually been in production for quite some time now. In 2002, Yamaha first unveiled it as the Zuma 50, powered by a 2-stroke 49cc engine. Fast-forward to 2009, Yamaha has steadily upgraded the Zuma to what it is now, the Zuma/ BW'S 125, which is available in Japan, South African, Taiwan, and North and South American markets.

Philippine Availability

Though this scooter could probably be a good match against Honda’s ADV 150 and Suzuki's Skydrive Crossover, Yamaha says that they currently have no plans of bringing it in.