Is the extra traction worth the price?

When taking your bikes out on an adventure, it's very easy to get stuck in low traction surfaces, especially since bikes only send power to the rear wheels. This is even more likely for tall, big and heavy adventure bikes. Because of that, a lot of adventure bike owners steer clear from beaten paths to avoid the chances of dropping their bikes or getting stuck.

There are a lot of techniques to get out of that situation, but easily the easiest way will be with the luxury of all-wheel drive. For only $4,600 (PhP 240,000), you can buy a bolt-on kit from Christini USA to make your big adventure bike an all-wheel-drive shredding monster.

Would you buy this PhP240,000 bike mod? image

Christini's 2WD frame kit sends power to the front through a frame-mounted gearbox and spline shaft mounted on the fork.

Christini is a US-based company that specializes in modifying conventional motorcycles into AWD steeds. They also supply the US Military (in limited numbers) with specialized AWD motorcycles that were customized to suit various military operations. Starting this summer 2019, Christini will be offering 'plug-n-play' 2WD kits for KTM 1190 and 1290 Adventure bikes.

Would you buy this PhP240,000 bike mod? image

The system takes power from the output sprocket of a bike's transmission.

The system first draws power from the output sprocket of a bike's transmission. This connects to another chain drive that connects a gearbox mounted on the head tube. The head tube then connects to a spline shaft that delivers the power down the front fork. The system also includes a traction control component that keeps the back wheel from spinning e.g.: the front wheel only spins into action when the rear wheel loses traction. The system can also be deactivated with a flip of a switch.

The kit includes an entirely new (CNC) fork with triple clamps, billet axle clamp, front-wheel drivers, the AWD system with matching gearbox and slipper clutch, an engagement switch, and a radiator. The conversion is only bolt-on and does not require replacing the bike's frame, unlike that of other AWD kits for enduro bikes. With a bit of elbow grease, the whole conversion can be completed in 6-8 hours, say Christini's specialists.