The Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX will be in showrooms soon

When Suzuki first brought the Burgman Street 125 into the country, a lot of motorcycle riders mostly gave positive remarks on the (then) new scooter from the Hamamatsu-based company except for one: the small-sized rear wheel.

Some commented that the Burgman Street 125’s rear wheel was so small and disproportional that the scooter looks like an e-scooter that is driven mostly by middle-aged women who hog the center of the lane.

Suzuki has heard you and is bringing the Burgman Street with the bigger rear wheel.

Makina Moto Show

While Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines (SPH) hasn’t made any official statement as of this writing, one of’s readers has actually forwarded us a screenshot of a conversation between a Suzuki motorcycle owner and one of SPH’s agents through messenger.

See the ‘Big wheel’ Burgman Street 125EX at Makina Moto Show image

The conversation was about the Suzuki owner asking SPH when will the Burgman Street 125EX becomes available in the country, to which SPH replied “The Burgman Street 125EX will be displayed to the public at the Makina Moto Show...”

Burgman 125EX

The new Burgman Street 125EX is still powered by the same fuel-efficient 124cc air-cooled engine of the previous Burgman Street 125 but is now equipped with the Suzuki Eco Performance-Alpha (SEP-α). This new SEP- α, further enhances engine efficiency by adding the new Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS), an idling stop system, and Suzuki's new Silent Start System.

With the new SEP- α technology, Suzuki claims a fuel efficiency of 52.6 km/L on the Burgman Street 125EX.

For those who hated the small rear wheel of the Burgman Street, the new Burgman Street 125EX will feature a bigger, 12-inch rear wheel (100/80-12) as opposed to the 10-inch (90/100-10) rear wheel of the Burgman Street 125.

Other features are still the same as the ‘non-EX’ Burgman Street, such as the 5.6-liter fuel tank, lighter socket, glove box, large-capacity underseat box than can fit a full face helmet, combined braking, large floorboard, digital panel, and many more.