FA secretary calls bicycle registration ‘another money-making racket’

Foreign Affairs Secretary, Teodoro 'Teddy Boy' Locsin, has called the move by some Local Government Units (LGUs) to require bicycle registration a “racket” or money-making scheme.

Sec. Locsin calls bicycle registration a

“Another registration racket that serves the most important public interest: that of officials interested in making money out of the public. Fuck them,” Locsin posted on his official Twitter account.

Last week, Davao City’s Traffic and Transportation Management Office (CTTMO) has announced their plans to require all cyclists to register their bicycles once the city-wide bicycle lanes become operational.  

Dionisio Abude, of Davao City CTTMO said that cyclists will be be required to pay PhP150.00 registration fee for every bicycle they possess. Additionally, all bicycles are required to be equipped with side mirrors, lights, and bells to be eligible for registration.

In a similar move, Cebu City also reaffirmed its 17-year old ordinance that requires cyclists to register their bikes with the city government. Mayor Edgardo Labella on June 6, however, suspended the implementation of the said ordinance, in consideration of the lack of available public transportation brought about by the pandemic.

“Taking into consideration the welfare of the Cebuanos, the requirement on mandatory registration of bicycles and prohibition of their use in Cebu City streets are suspended indefinitely, effective today,” said Labella.

Last month, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr) encouraged the public to use alternative modes of transportation like bicycles and motorcycles in lieu of public transportation with limited capacity.

The IATF-EID has even encouraged LGUs to identify bike lanes or bike-only roads to promote their use and create safe spaces on the road for cyclists.