William C. Davidson’s ancestral home up for sale

Mention Harley-Davidson and most motorcycle enthusiasts will associate the brand with its headquarters in Milwaukee, USA. Yet believe it or not, the Davidson brothers actually trace their roots back to Scotland, being sons of a Scottish immigrant.

We bring this up because Harley-Davidson fans are the most loyal and sometimes fanatic in the world. It's not unusual to run into one who's had the H-D bar and shield logo tattooed on their body. Others collect a wide array of Harley-Davidson paraphernalia.

So would you acquire one of the rarest H-D collectibles of them all? That is the ancestral home of the Davidson brothers in Scotland which is now up for sale.

For PhP21.5M, you can own this Harley-Davidson ancestral home image

This humble stone house is the ancestral home of brothers Arthur, Walter, and William A. Davidson, who along with Bill Harley, founded the Harley-Davidson that we know today.

William C. Davidson, the father of Arthur, Walter, and William A, was actually born in this house. It supposedly dates back all the way to the 1720s and was originally known as Netherton Cottage.

When William C. Davidson emigrated in 1858, the family moved to Milwaukee, USA. William C. was himself fascinated with all things mechanical. With his help, the brothers were able to build their first H-D prototype in their home in Milwaukee sometime in 1903.

For PhP21.5M, you can own this Harley-Davidson ancestral home image

Although it was lived in until 2002, by the late 20th Century, the Scottish home was in dire need of repair and restoration. It was bought by its current owners in 2008. Being Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, the new owners restored the cottage between 2008 and 2012. They wanted it to be a place where H-D enthusiasts from all over the world can visit. They also tried their best to bring back the cottage to what it would have looked and felt like back in 1853. And naturally, it's now called Davidson Cottage.

For PhP21.5M, you can own this Harley-Davidson ancestral home image

Now, a real estate company has listed it for sale with offers beginning at £320,000, or roughly PhP21.5-million. Are you a serious Harley-Davidson enthusiast? This is perhaps the ultimate H-D collectible. And if the rumors are true, owning any land in Scotland also automatically makes you a lord.