Škoda offers last mile mobility with kick scooter

Czech car manufacturer, Škoda, now offers its customers a way to keep riding a one of there vehicles even where cars can't go. That solution is in the form of the Škoda (pronounced Sh-koda) folding kick scooter.

Originally revealed as a concept in 2018, the Škoda scooter couldn't be more perfect for today's new normal, with public transport around the world in reduced capacity or totally prohibited.

With the Škoda scooter, the Czech car manufacturer offers a smart and environmentally friendly means of transport specifically designed for cities.

Czech car manufacturer now Škoda offers scooters image

This modern, dynamic, and easy-to-use kick scooter is hoped to appeal to the environmentally-conscious, as well as those who seek practical and cheap mobility in urban areas.

The Škoda scooter boasts a patented folding mechanism. When fully collapsed, the scooter only measures a meager 49x11x42 (LxWxH) centimeter, or roughly the size of a small flatscreen TV. It was also designed specifically to fit into the spare tire wheel well of Škoda's compact cars, the Scala and Kamiq.

Czech car manufacturer now Škoda offers scooters image

Rubber grips provide excellent support on the handlebars, making it perfect for getting to work, sports, or even riding around shopping malls from the parking area. Made of steel and aluminum, the Škoda kick scooter weighs less than five kilograms but can carry up to 100 kilograms.

The Škoda kick scooter will be sold through the company's website at US$118 or roughly PH₱6,000.