RSA reveals Skyway Stage 3 bus rapid transit plan

The opening of San Miguel Corporation’s Skyway Stage 3 is very much appreciated by motorists with their own vehicles. The elevated highway makes travel from Alabang to Balintawak take just 20 minutes. While the structure provides fast and convenient travel for private vehicle owners, many who depend on public transportation have yet to reap the benefits. San Miguel Corp. however, has a plan for them too.

San Miguel Corporation’s boss, Ramon S. Ang (RSA), recently revealed that the idea of putting a busway or a Bus Rapid Transit system (P2P) on Skyway Stage 3 was part of their plan all along.

RSA even added that, with a P2P bus system running on Skyway, private vehicle owners may even opt to commute to and from the north or south of Manila to save on fuel and toll expenses. By offering them this mass transport option, it may also reduce the number of vehicles on the streets, further easing traffic and reducing pollution.

What does it mean to a motorcycle rider?

For those who ride sub-400 cc motorcycles, having a P2P system on Skyway Stage 3 could mean faster travel to the north or south of Manila by boarding a bus instead of going through MacArthur Highway and the busy streets of Metro Manila. All you need to do is park your motorcycle at a safe and secured parking lot (like at the P2P terminal) and board the bus.

For those who ride 400 cc and up motorcycles, it means that you'll have to watch out for these busses along the megastructure. Though if the P2P is run by SMC, chances are, they’ll their own dedicated lane.