The City of San Juan will be teaming up with Allianz to build solar powered bike repair and pit stop

Bike commuting has never been more relevant during the pandemic. With reduced mass transportation, city workers, as well as those from nearby towns who have difficulty with transportation have been opting to commute to and from work by riding their bicycles.

Well aware of the challenges of cycling to work, San Juan Mayor, Francis Zamora, hopes to encourage this clean and green way of commuting. To ensure easier travel for them, the Mayor has shared a glimpse of a bicycle-friendly facility project to be constructed within the city's open space along Pinaglabanan Street. The initiative is part of the city's Bike Safety project, according to Zamora.

"The perspective of the solar-powered bike pit stop and repair station which Allianz, in partnership with San Juan, will be installing at the open parking area of City Hall which we will be converting into a bike facility," Zamora said.

The repair and pit stop, according to mayor Zamora, will be a resting area for cyclists, and will also be equipped with a bike repair station, complete with hanger arms, repair tools, and air pump.

Additionally, the city is also planning on installing bollards along major roads to make bike commuting safer for everyone. “We have been unyielding and consistent in our bike safety campaign and we hope to encourage more people to use their bikes as a means for traveling by ensuring their safety,” Zamora added.

The city government hopes to launch the solar-powered bike repair and pit stop on the third week of November.