SMC not budging on Stage 3 speed limit

Skyway Stage 3’s opening at the end of December last year made us realize that travel from Alabang in Muntinlupa, to Balintawak in Quezon City, can be done in as little as 15 minutes, if you’re riding a tollways-legal big bike. It was like an impossible dream that became a reality, especially since travel from south to north of Manila (and vice-versa) usually takes an hour or two even if you’re riding a big bike.

With Skyway Stage 3 offering spacious lanes for big bikes, it is sometimes tempting for a rider to go beyond the prescribed speed limit of 60kph just to see how fast one can reach Alabang or Balintawak.

But, hold your horses, SMC Tollways is very strict when it comes to enforcing the speed limit. There are enforcers equipped with radar guns almost everywhere along Stage 3. And don’t even think about outrunning them with your big bike because they can catch you with their BMW F700 GS patrol motorcycles.

This is not something in place while it's new. If you're hoping the speed limit will be raised to 80 kph or perhaps 100 kph later on, RSA says NO.

San Miguel Corporation’s president, Ramon S. Ang (RSA), recently said during an interview with Biz Buzz columnist Daxim Lucas of the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the 60 kph speed limit will remain, forever.

The idea behind the 60 kph speed limit, says RSA, is that Skyway Stage 3 was designed to have a Variable Direction Lane. This means that the center divider in some parts of the elevated megastructure can be moved, depending on the traffic volume demands of a given time. For example, during the morning rush hour, the center divider can be moved to the northbound lane, thus giving the southbound lane (going to Makati) an additional lane or two to accommodate more vehicles.

What about those that need to scratch their adrenaline itch? RSA says go to Clark International Speedway (CIS). “What will you do with higher speeds? Race? If you want to race, take it to the track in Clark. A lot of people who like to race on roads here, puro yabang lang (they are just show-offs). When they get to the track, they have nothing to show for it,” said RSA.

For those who are not familiar, RSA himself used to race cars back in the day and has a large collection of exotic cars and motorcycles in his garage that can rival museums. He drives them all, too. So when RSA says those who race in the streets are puro yabang lang, you better believe he can back it up.

Skyway extension Northbound ramp partially open

Starting April 11, 2021, the new northbound (NB) ramp just after San Pedro, Laguna, before Filinvest, Alabang was partially opened. This means that motorists who intend to go to Makati, or all the way to Balintawak, Quezon City, will no longer have to pass by the Alabang viaduct.