Royal Enfield files patent for Flying Flea name

Royal Enfield (RE) has just recently filed for patents for two names: Roadster and Flying Flea. What intrigued us here at is the possible resurrection of the Flying Flea.

For those who are not familiar, the “Flying Flea” was a Royal Enfield motorcycle built for the British forces during World War II. Officially designated as the WD/RE, the Flying Flea was powered by a 3.5 hp 125cc two-stroke engine and only weighed 59 kilograms. It was called as such by the servicemen due to the bike's capability of being air-dropped behind enemy lines, because it was so light.

While it's unlikely that Royal Enfield will be producing a similar but modern bike that can be air-dropped to support military troops, it could be possible, however, that the Indian motorcycle manufacturer is developing a smaller-displacement RE that could go head-to-head with the staples of the underbone and scooter markets in developing countries like the Philippines. 

On the other hand, they also filed for the Roadster namesake, possibly for an upcoming roadster bike that will be larger than the current Interceptor 650. A 900 or maybe a 1000cc perhaps?

These are all speculations, and as of this writing, we're still trying to reach our friends from Royal Enfield Pilipinas for comment.