Royal Enfield entering American Flat Track series with specially-prepared bikes

Royal Enfield (RE) will officially compete in the American Flat Track series starting August 2020. The India-based motorcycle manufacturer will compete against big brands like Harley-Davidson, Honda, and Indian in the production-based twins class of the series as well as the Singles class.

Royal Enfield building flat track racers image

Because flat racing is a specialized sport, RE will be fielding specially-prepared versions of their production bikes. For the Production Twins (twin cylinder), RE will be entering a specially-made model called the FT Concept, based on the Interceptor 650. The team will be composed of lady builders and riders from its Build Train Race program.

Royal Enfield building flat track racers image

It is already competing in the Singles (single-cylinder) class with Himalayans modified for flat track use, used by two teams.

Royal Enfield has shown keen interest in flat track racing ever since it entered the US market. It recently launched its Slide School in the US market which is flat track racing school that uses flat track Himalayans.

What makes this interesting is that both Harley-Davidson and Indian have already added flat track models to their lineup based on the racing models developed for this sport.

Royal Enfield building flat track racers image

With both of them, particularly Indian’s FTR 1200 finding commercial success, a production Royal Enfield flat track racer may be a possibility in the future.

Based on the photos of the flat track racing Himalayans, we already like the results. We can’t wait for a flat track Interceptor 650, especially a production one.