Heavy rains to blame

With the rainy season already here, it is no surprise that landslides are starting to become a frequent occurrence once more. We might not be experiencing landslides in Metro Manila but can be a more serious problem for those living in the province, particularly in the mountains. Most will picture a road blocked by debris, sometimes landslides even cause the road to compbut in some cases, a landslide beneath the road can cause it to completely disappear.

Road cut by land slides along Kibungan-Bakun Rd in Benguet image

Last night, a section of the Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan-Bakun National Road in Gambang, Bakun, Benguet has collapsed. To be more precise, the Mogao Section (KO 345 + 800) of the road is closed to traffic. An entire section of the road has collapsed, almost taking a vehicle along with it.

According to the latest update by the Bakun-Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC), the section of road between Sinipsip and Ampusongan will remain unpassable for the time being. The public is advised to take alternate routes, especially for those heading further north into the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

Road cut by land slides along Kibungan-Bakun Rd in Benguet image

Considering the damage the national road incurred, it will likely take a while before the section will be opened to the public once again. Nearly the whole road disappeared, making it impossible for any vehicle to cross through. There's also the possibility that the section of road could continue to erode further, should the rains continue.

Based on the photos from Bakun-MDRRMC, while it may appear to still be passable to motorcycles, we strongly advise against it.

(Article by Jose Altoveros, Autoindustriya.com)