MMDA sets high fine for riding on EDSA bicycle lane

A few days ago, a video was posted on social media showing some motorcycles disregarding EDSA’s new dedicated bicycle lane even though there were barriers already in place. This video caused outrage in social media, over some motorcycle riders' blatant disregard of traffic rules by riding inside the designated bicycle lane.

EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija, also turned to social media to air his frustration over the issue.

Riding on this lane could cost you up to PhP1,000 image

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” said Nebrija. He even added that when some motorcycle riders violate the law and get apprehended, they call their padrinos or someone to bail them out, rather than face the consequences of their actions.

There's no escaping this violation. If caught riding a motorcycle in the EDSA bicycle lane, the MMDA will slap you with a Disregarding Traffic Signs (DTS) offense with a penalty of PhP150.00. However, if the enforcer saw you as endangering the lives of the cyclists using the bicycle lane, they may add Reckless Driving on the ticket which has a penalty of up to PhP1,000.00 including suspension of driver’s license.