A rider asks what we're all thinking about the backrider shield

There's no shortage of complaints about the required backrider shield. Many experts and manufacturers have pointed out some problems it may case.

One rider has decided to illustrate them in a humorous way in the hopes that our authorities might see it and perhaps reconsider this requirement.

In case you haven’t seen this yet, Mark Chuidian, a marketing manager for dealer group, Wheeltek, has illustrated all the ways the backrider shield can cause problems, especially when installed in other kinds of motorcycles.

Up until this point, we've only seen it on scooters, underbones and standard motorcycles. Thanks to Mark's illustrations, we now know what it looks like on an dirt bike, cruiser, and sport bike. The results are expectedly hilarious.

“I tried to be as not as confronting as possible,” said Chuidian, about the tone of his post. 

He opted for a curious and mildly sarcastic tone in his post, trying not to let his frustration as an avid motorcycle rider show.

The resulting set of pictures are a mix of clipart and stock photos of motorcycles that depict what might happen if they were installed on various kinds of motorcycles.

They all have one message: they cause more problems than solutions. In addition, if couples are sleeping in the same bed, doesn't that make it useless?

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Since uploading his illustration to his personal social media account, it has since garnered more than 16,000 likes and almost 140,000 shares.

We don't get it either, Mark. Thanks for the good laughs, though.