MRO says MC Lane 'discrimination' vs riders

Motorcycle rights group, Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), has announced that the group will hold a unity ride against the impending re-implementation of an exclusive Motorcycle Lane (MC Lane) along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, which may also be implemented in other major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.

According to MRO, the MC Lane is not the answer to motorcycle-related problems like accidents and unruly riders.

“It’s clear that the MC Lane that was proposed [and implemented] 10 years ago hasn’t brought anything good for the motorcycle riders and it needs to be abolished,” said Jobert Bolanos, MRO chairman.

Not invited

While the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) held a 2-day workshop with various stakeholders to discuss the MC Lane and other traffic-related issues in its office on October 13, 2022, MRO claims that the agency only invited those they knew that are in favor of the MC Lane and excluded those who are not in favor.

“It is clear that the MMDA has no intention of hearing our plea and has blatantly ignored the position papers that we sent to them... it was also clear that the MMDA has no intention of including our group on that so-called workshop and made it appear that the entire motorcycle community is in favor of the MC Lane,” said MRO.

The group further added that the solution lies in the strict and equal implementation of existing laws on all motorists instead of traffic enforcers only apprehending motorcycle riders when there are other motorists who also break the law; PNP checkpoints that only target motorcycle riders, restricting motorcyclists to one lane, etc.

“It is also clear that the only solution is stricter and the equal implementation of existing traffic laws on all motorists.”

The unity ride will converge at the EDSA People Power Monument, Whiteplanes Avenue, on Sunday, November 6, 2022.