Luzon Motorcyclists Federation, Inc. has initiated a ‘ride thru pantry’ in Makati

By now, you should have already heard or seen the community pantries which are popping up all across the country. In the spirit of bayanihan, its aim is to help those who are in need of basic necessities by giving them free access to these on a table or tent on the street. Those who have plenty, on the other hand, can donate whatever they can to ensure the continuation of these charitable community pantries.

Now, there's a community pantry set up exclusively for motorcycle riders. Luzon Motorcyclists Federation, Inc. (LMFI), which is a motorcycle federation that consists of riders of both big and small bikes, just set up the “Ride Thru Pantry” which is exclusive to motorcycle riders of courier services like Lalamove, Grab, MoveIt, and the like.

“Our humble pantry is here to express, not to impress; and for a cause, not for the applause,” says Love Love Tioseco, the federation’s secretary.

So far, other big bike groups have lent a helping hand by providing some of the much-needed supplies for the ride-thru pantry. On offer are drinks, snacks, canned goods, eggs, and other items riders might need.

If you’re a motorcycle partner rider, head to Army Navy at Jupiter Street, Makati for the ride-thru pantry. While there, remember to always maintain proper physical distancing, as well as follow the current health and safety protocols in place.