A riders group in Ilocos Norte built a new home for this grandpa

An awful lot of people, including some politicians, quickly generalize motorcycle riders as a nuisance on the road. They're often dismissed as deviants up to no good. There are policies like 'no helmet zones' in some private subdivisions, motorcycle lanes, and the doble plaka law simply to better monitor riders based on the generalization that they're all potential criminals.

Yet time to time, many groups go the extra mile to prove people that think this way wrong. One group from Ilocos Norte have even pooled their resources to give a senior citizen a new home. This riders group built a new home for granpa image

ADJO Moto Club, through its president, Dhoodz Pajita, have pooled their resources to give this senior citizen a brand new home.

According to their social media post, they have pooled their resources to raise funds for the construction of a small home for an elderly man in Piddig, Ilocos Norte. Besides funding its construction, they also help build it, volunteering their own time and labor. After 12 days, the new home was finally complete.

Not only that, the group has also gone the extra mile to buy him some groceries and home items for his new home.

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