Touratech adds new colors to Aventuro Carbon2 helmets

Touratech, a leading brand in adventure riding products, is proud to announce the refreshed Aventuro Carbon2 helmets with these new liveries. Aventuro Carbon2 helmets are made from a high-strength carbon shell that complies or exceeds current ECE and DOT standards.

Ride out on your adventure bike with these cool helmets from Touratech image

These helmets are also versatile as they can be quickly turned into street, off-road, or adventure helmets all without using any special tools. The Aventuro Carbon2 helmets also come with a Pinlock so you don’t have to worry about fogging on the visor.

Three new designs

Ride out on your adventure bike with these cool helmets from Touratech image

With its Core Plus, Sport Plus, and Compañero Plus design variants, the Touratech all-around helmet is now known as the Aventuro Carbon2 Plus. The Core Plus design shows off the carbon fiber of the helmet shell to create a particularly impressive effect and, with its solid black, it matches with classic touring gear just as perfectly as it does with sporty off-road outfits.

The Sport Plus design, with its dynamic combination of the racing colors white, blue and red, emphasizes the sporting ambitions of its wearer. Riders of GS models or the Africa Twin are likely to identify with this fresh design, as are Yamaha fans with a soft spot for the rally team and its symbolic blue.

And finally, the Compañero Plus design, with its yellow, black, and grey sections, pairs with the color schemes of the Touratech Compañero Rambler and Compañero Traveller touring suits so well that it not only harmonizes perfectly with these suits but also sets attractive color accents when worn in conjunction with other riding gear.

Easy conversion

Ride out on your adventure bike with these cool helmets from Touratech image

The Touratech Aventuro Carbon2 Plus can be easily converted without tools from a hybrid helmet to an enduro helmet or a street helmet. Its helmet shell, made entirely of carbon fiber laminate, combines the highest safety standards with minimal weight. The ECE certificate of homologation and the especially strict American DOT standards are proof of its outstanding protective function.

The three different-sized helmet shells guarantee that the ideal thickness of the EPS dome is maintained for each size. This allows for the enormous size range from XS to 3XL. It's secured with a double D-ring, but is easy to remove in an emergency thanks to emergency straps.

To provide maximum comfort even on strenuous off-road stages, the Aventuro Carbon2 Plus has an exceptionally efficient and finely adjustable ventilation system. A sweat-inhibiting, removable and washable inner lining made of Coolmax makes it ideal for rugged use and long rides.

The anti-fog Pinlock visor with optimized operation and latching ensures the best possible visibility in all weather conditions. While the basic concept has remained untouched since the model was launched, the Aventuro Carbon2 Plus has undergone repeated detail upgrades throughout its evolution, which includes upgraded ventilation, operability with gloves, a new helmet shield that offers more airflow, and a more comfortable chin strap.