Honda EU makes RC30 motorcycle parts available

Back in March 2020, Honda announced that they will be reproducing genuine parts for the legendary VFR750R. Now, these parts will be also available to Honda Europe customers who want to restore their classic bikes back to their former glory.

‘RC30 Forever’ scheme comes to Europe image

Honda started the ‘RC30 Forever’ program after meetings with well-established RC30 owners’ clubs in Japan and Europe, during which the owners expressed their strong desire to keep these iconic bikes on the road and in the best condition by using genuine Honda spare parts. The key focus of the program is keeping these owners riding safely and with confidence.

Under the program, Honda will produce approximately 150 genuine replacement parts for the RC30 that cover the engine, chassis, bodywork, and electronics. These have been chosen based on owners’ requests and the experience of experts within Honda’s R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Parts will be available to order through dealerships across Europe beginning this month.


‘RC30 Forever’ scheme comes to Europe image

The Honda VFR750R (chassis code RC30) was a fully-faired single-seater racing motorcycle created for homologation purposes for the (then new) World Superbike Championship (WSBK) by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC). It was first released to the Japanese market in 1987, 1988 in Europe, then the United States in 1990. There were only 3,000 VFR750R units ever made and were sold for US$15,000 each — which was quite expensive (roughly $30,000 or PhP1.530M in today's money) for a production bike at the time.

That's certainly good news for owners of the VFR750R (RC30). Is there one in the Philippines? If you've spotted one, let us know in the comments.