SMC Infrastructure continues tradition of toll holiday

For motorists who frequent SMC Infrastructure’s tollway systems, one of the things that we look up to is the company’s annual “Toll Holiday” tradition. With the company’s Toll Holiday, use of any of SMC Infrastructure’s tollways will be free during Christmas and New Year’s day.

This year, Ramon Ang – head of the conglomerate San Miguel Corporation – has announced that the company will be continuing the beloved tradition.

From 10:00 PM of December 24, 2022, the toll barriers of SLEX, NAIAX, Skyway, Skyway Stage 3, STAR, and TPLEX will be up so that motorists can enjoy FREE expressway use. The Toll Holiday will end at 6:00 AM, Christmas day.

The same Toll Holiday will happen on 10:00 PM New Year’s eve, December 31, 2022, and will end at 6:00 AM January 1, 2023.

Additional manpower for the “Holiday Exodus”

With holiday traffic expected to peak this week, SMC Infrastructure is advising motorists to plan their trips ahead to avoid lengthy delays and get to their destination safely.

Given this, the infrastructure arm of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has deployed additional traffic management personnel at all its tollways to provide roadside assistance to motorists and help manage the flow of vehicles at exit points. 

This is in coordination with local police and the traffic bureaus of local government units.

Ramon Ang: Free toll on Christmas, New Year’s eve image

“Traffic buildup and congestion at our expressways, ports, and airports is something we all expect at this time of the year, especially as restrictions have fully eased. We appeal to our motorists for their patience and understanding as we anticipate heavy traffic,” said SMC President, Ramon Ang.

“What would be a big help is if we all plan our trips well ahead, and leave earlier to allow more time for travel, especially if you are catching a flight or scheduled bus trips. For motorists, we also suggest to please make sure your vehicles are in good condition, and that your electronic toll collection accounts are topped up, to prevent any delays to you and others,” Ang added.

Among additional personnel to be deployed are ambulant tellers, tasked with helping speed up vehicle throughput at toll plazas by scanning Autosweep cards along queues. As such, Ang advised motorists to always keep their Autosweep ETC cards ready in their vehicles. 

Apart from the deployment of additional personnel, Ang said that its recently-launched “Seamless Southern Tollways” initiative is also part of its preparations for the holiday rush. 

The program cuts down toll stops for motorists headed south via the Skyway System, SLEX, and STAR from five to just two--their entry and exit points--and turns the Calamba, SLEX Greenfield, and Sto. Tomas, Batangas toll plazas into pass-through lanes, reducing potential traffic chokepoints.

“We implemented the Seamless Southern Tollways initiative so motorists will no longer need to make as many stops and can fully enjoy seamless travel along Skyway, SLEX, and STAR. We started implementation last December 1, so that motorists can start feeling its benefits during the busy Christmas season. SMC Infrastructure had been working to complete the program since early this year, and we’re glad to report that so far, feedback on the initiative has been very positive,” said Ang.

“We’ve been seeing good results the first two weeks. Smoother traffic flow has been observed, and we’re hoping this will translate to a better driving and travel experience overall for many motorists this holiday season,” Ang added.

Ang said the company is also keeping its Autosweep customer service centers and RFID installation kiosks at gasoline stations along SLEX open, for motorists who have not yet availed of their free ETC sticker tags.