Quezon City starts NCAP today, CCTVs are placed on these roads

Today marks the first day of the full implementation of Quezon City’s No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP). Under the NCAP, Quezon City’s traffic management office will utilize CCTVs to catch traffic violators.

QC’s No Contact Apprehension CCTVs are placed on these roads image

If caught under NCAP, the registered owner of the vehicle, through its plate number, will be sent a Notice of Violation along with instructions on how to settle the fine.

Where are these CCTVs?

According to the announcement of the Quezon City government, the CCTVs will be placed along these 15 major thoroughfares and intersections:

  • Quirino HWY-Susano RD (Novaliches Bayan)
  • Quirino HWY-Zabarte RD
  • Quirino HWY-Tandang Sora (Sangandaan)
  • Rodriguez-Tomas Morato
  • E. Rodriguez-Gilmore
  • E. Rodriguez-Hemady
  • Aurora BLVD-Hemady
  • Aurora BLVD-Gilmore
  • Aurora BLVD-Broadway
  • Aurora BLVD-20th ST
  • West AVE-Baler
  • East AVE-BIR
  • Kamias-Kalayaan
  • P. Tuazon-13th ST
  • P. Tuazon-15th ST

Additionally, the QC government has put up signages where NCAP is in effect in the hopes to deter would-be traffic violators.

Notice of Violation (NOV)

QC’s No Contact Apprehension CCTVs are placed on these roads image

If you were caught violating a traffic rule under QC’s NCAP, an NOV will be sent to the owner’s registered address in the Land Transportation Office’s system. If you reside within QC, you should receive the NOV within 14 days, while those from outside the city may receive their NOV longer than 14 days.

Payment methods, contest violation, etc.

With the non-contact system, traffic violators caught under the program can settle their fines in a number of ways, via Bank Payment (select banks), over the counter at Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) located at the city hall, or online via http://nocontact.quezoncity.gov.ph/.

If for any reason you want to contest an NOV, Quezon City has also put up some guidelines on the matter. For example, if you’re no longer the owner of the vehicle in question, you simply have to file a contest at the QC Traffic Adjudication Board within 10 days of NOV receipt.

You must also provide a copy of the NOV, complete copies of a notarized Deed of Sale of the vehicle, with the buyer’s complete information and a valid ID.

If the NOV is not settled, QC, under its NCAP system, will file an LTO alarm and the vehicle cannot be registered until the fines are settled.