More than 11,000 NCAP violators caught by QC CCTVs

Quezon City is the latest city in the metro to implement the No Contact Apprehension Program or NCAP. Under the program, traffic monitoring in key areas within the city will be done by using technology and CCTVs – eliminating the chances of face-to-face contact between traffic enforcers and traffic violators. The program was fully implemented on July 1, 2022.

So how many traffic violators did QC’s eye in the sky catch? The answer: 11,083 – and that’s not even a full month after its implementation, according to a report published by the Quezon City government.

QC records 11,083 NCAP violators since its implementation image

Based on the report by the QC traffic bureau, from July 1 to 24, 2022, there are 67 1st offense violators of counter flowing, while there are 2 who were 2nd-time offenders of counterflowing; there are 10 who stepped over on a yellow box while at a traffic stop; 83 have no respect for pedestrian lane and obstructed pedestrians from crossing with 1 offender being his/her 2nd offense and 1 reckless driving.

What composed the bulk of the 11,083 traffic offenders are those caught with a Disobedience to Traffic Control Signals and Signs or more commonly known as DTS, with 9,583 1st offenders while 955 of them were caught with their 2nd offense. What’s worse, 381 of these offenders were caught with their 3rd and final strike, which could mean driver’s license suspension.

If you feel that you may have violated a traffic rule while driving or riding within Quezon City, go to and key in the required vehicle information.