A helmet for a cause

We all got teary-eyed after the show, Kapuso mo, Jessica Sojo (KMJS) of GMA 7 featured the story of Raymark Mariano, who, at only 10 years old, wakes up at 4 AM every day to till farmlands with his grandfather.

Raymark, as he narrated to KMJS, has had to step up when his father was arrested. With few hands left to help his grandparents make ends meet, he's been helping them at their farm. 

His story captured the hearts of many netizens, including professional motocross rider, Jerick Mitra.

Pro MX rider sells his helmet for KMJS farmer kid image

Jerick, who also has a small business selling motorcycle gear, has turned to social media to sell one of his brand new off-road helmets, with all the proceeds to benefit of Raymark and his family.

This premium helmet is an FXR MX helmet, and was sold for PhP12,950.

According to Mitra, he is already coordinating with friends in Mindanao who can deliver the proceeds of his helmet directly to Raymark and his family.

Motorcycle riders doing charity work

There are many Raymark Marianos who are struggling to make ends meet every day. Also, there are many Jerick Mitras among motorcycle riders, who always try to help their fellowmen whenever they can with whatever they have.

For example, the ADJO Moto Club from Ilocos Norte, built an elderly man a place he can call home with their bare hands. Also, these different Honda motorcycle clubs extended a helping hand during the first wave of the global pandemic.

More recently, Filipino motorcycle riders who joined this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride were able to raise close to PhP240,000 for men’s mental health awareness and prostate cancer research.

These stories continue to inspire us, and it only shows the world that motorcycle riders are always there to help their countrymen. Superheroes don't always wear capes. Sometimes, they just ride motorcycles.