Scooter riders in viral video now wanted by PNP-HPG

For some time, Marilaque has been closed to non-residents due to the pandemic. Shortly after the shift from a second lockdown to  General Community Quarantine (GCQ) in June, unruly riders are back again in Marilaque.

PNP-HPG now looking for these riders image

Perhaps to show off or gain a Youtube following, one group recorded their recent reckless ride. Entitled, "Ride at UR own risk," the video shows the group counterflowing, overtaking over double yellow lines and riding at dangerous speeds.

PNP-HPG now looking for these riders imageThe video shows one of the group's members losing control of his scooter and crashing.

It even shows one of them overshooting a corner and crashing on the side of the highway. Luckily, the rider was not hurt. But for the PNP-HPG, this is not a laughing matter. 

PNP-HPG chief, Gen. Eliseo Dela Cruz, through a text message, has said that the motorcycle riders on this latest hooning video are already being tracked. The necessary sanctions are being prepared.

This was also confirmed by the Motorcycle Rights Organization’s (MRO) chairman, Jobert Bolaños. “All we can say right now is that the HPG will be taking action to those caught on the video violating traffic rules and endangering other motorists and pedestrians.”

PNP-HPG now looking for these riders image

Once a decision is made, the PNP-HPG will recommend the necessary sanctions against these riders to the LTO, including the possible revocation of their driver’s licenses for life and stiff monetary fines.

About a year ago, the motorcycle group, Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), together with the various motorcycle riding groups joined together in a campaign to #MakeMarilaqueSafeAgain. It aims to take advantage of technology to document and report individuals who are recklessly riding along Marilaque in coordination with the LTO, local government units, and the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).

The group will also push for the creation of formal events that could cater to the development of rider talent on race tracks and to take racing away from the streets.

These reckless acts have greatly affected the businesses along the area, according to the business owners themselves. Tourists, wanting to avoid the risk of an accident, would instead look for other places to visit.