Riders and PNP in dialog over misinterpreted laws

Being a motorcycle rider here in the Philippines can be tough, particularly when the law is not on your side.

There are dozens of government policies and ordinances that solely target the Filipino rider, like the backrider ban in some cities, no-helmet policy for security, and even doble plaka. Depending on where it's enforced, violating some of these rules can even result in jail time for the rider. Add to that the fact that some of these rules can sometimes be misinterpreted by LGUs and their enforcers.

While some of these issues affecting the common rider may need some congressional intervention, there are still many that can be fixed with a simple dialog.

PNP and MRO tandem in fixing commonly misinterpreted laws imageJobert Bolanos, PCol. Vincent Calanoga and Rod Cruz

Just today, riders’ rights group, Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), had a dialog with the Philippine National Police Human Rights Affairs Office (PNP-HRAO) to discuss issues that affect riders’ rights.

“We are very satisfied and happy with the outcome of the discussion,” said Jobert Bolanos of MRO.

During their meeting, the PNP expressed sympathy for the plight of the motorcycle riders. As such, the PNP said it will help address the implementation of commonly misinterpreted laws. Among these are the DILG’s tricycle ban on national higways that is often applied to motorcycles; wrongful arrests and confiscations with regard to some modifications, properly identifying loud pipes, and many more.

The PNP, has also assured the riding public that they will issue an order to all regional offices across the nation to make sure that the laws are properly interpreted and implemented.