Pirelli Diablo Rosso Sport designed specifically for underbones, scooters up to 400cc

Pirelli has just launch its newest tire specifically designed for underbones, scooters, as well as performance motorcycles up to 400cc in displacement, the Diablo Rosso Sport.

Pirelli to introduce new Diablo Rosso tire for small bikes image

Through a virtual launch, Pirelli unveiling the new Diablo Rosso Sport, a tire it says was “born from the racetrack and built for the road.” In creating this tire, Pirelli looked to its research and insights acquired from 15 years as the FIM Superbike World Championship official tire supplier.

The new Diablo Rosso Sport promises maximum grip in all road conditions, thanks to the combined effect of structure and rubber compounds; a tread pattern inspired by the Diablo Super Corsa tire for big bikes; racing-derived tire profile for leaning further on winding roads; and brilliant wet performance and varying riding conditions. Pirelli to introduce new Diablo Rosso tire for small bikes image

The Diablo Rosso Sport is aimed at trendy commuters and sport-styled riders. Trendy commuters prioritize the need to look good when on their sporty vehicle, riding their bikes all year long. Sport-styled riders are the more aggressive users , yearning to go faster, lean lower, and feel they are in control.

Diablo Rosso Sport caters to the needs of these riders with high grip in all road conditions, a tread pattern design derived from the Diablo Supercorsa, excellent handling and linear behavior when leaning and in transitions, brilliant wet performance and on low-adhesion surfaces, as well as wear regularity and on road duration for urban commuting.

The Diablo Rosso Sport is made with mono-ply carcasses on smaller sizes. On larger sizes, it is made with 2-ply carcasses for better stability. Both contain Silica and Carbon Black but with calibrated percentages designed to deliver specific performance attributes, like faster warm-up and a wider range of operating temperatures.

The Diablo Rosso Sport’s construction employs a dual-radius design. Unlike the single radius design in other tires, Diablo Rosso Sport allows for optimal transmission of engine power, both in straight and cornering conditions. 

Pirelli introduces Diablo Rosso Sport for scooters and underbones image

It is round in the center and but angled more sharply on the sides to allow an immediate descent into the lean and facilitate a quick change of direction. The shape of the sidewall is derived from the Angel Scooter tire but it is narrower, lighter and more flexible. This gives it a larger footprint and better grip when leaning.

Its tread pattern has also been inspired by the Diablo Supercorsa. It retains the lightning flash tread design to establish its relationship with the Diablo Family with a distinctive Rosso Sport branding on the side. The tread design is also optimized for better water evacuation while maintaining wear consistency and grip in all conditions

The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Sport is already available at all authorized Pirelli dealers nationwide. For now, it can be had in tire sizes of 17-inches for underbones and motorcycles up to 400cc in displacement, and 14-inches for scooters, for both front and rear.