Designed for mileage and wet performance

Pirelli now offers the latest generation of the famous Diablo Rosso line of tires, the Diablo Rosso IV. The high-performance tire promises high levels of grip, precise feedback, and control even in wet conditions.

The new Diablo Rosoo IV was designed with discerning rider in mind who wants a road tire that offers light handling, excellent levels of grip and a sporty feel.  Though many associate Diablo Rosso tires with supersports or hypernaked motorcycles, the tire was also designed with adrenaline-fueled weekend rides and longer trips in mind. It will gladly suit crossover bikes as well, allowing for a sporty riding style when the road permits.

Multi-compound construction

Pirelli launches Diablo Rosso IV image

The front Diablo Rosso IV tire is features three areas with two different compounds. The central band has a harder compound with high silica content (Full Silica) and occupies around 50% of the section width. The side areas have a softer compound, also high in silica, and offer excellent grip even at low temperatures.

The rear tire (sizes up to 190/50 ZR 17) are bi-compound and arranged according to a Cap&Base scheme. The hardest compound at the base, which comes out in the middle band, is Full Silica and ensures a quick warm up and high mileage, as well as ensuring an optimal thermal balance along the entire profile. The side compounds, also high in silica, are softer and have been developed specifically for Diablo Rosso IV in order to offer quick a warm-up and the grip of a racing product, therefore increasing the temperature range.

The second variation of rear tires (sizes 190/55 ZR 17 and above) feature five areas, using three different compounds. The harder central compound provides high-speed stability, wear uniformity and mileage, while the high silica content also ensures a quick warm up and excellent chemical grip on a wet surface.     The intermediate compound, on the sides of the central compound, is softer and covers intermediate lean angles. It has a Full Silica formulation that provides an excellent chemical grip both on dry and wet surfaces. The shoulder compound is 100% Carbon Black and derives directly from the compounds of Diablo Supercorsa SC used in endurance competitions. This compound, also thanks to the Cap&Base scheme that guarantees its thermal balance, is able to offer support at full lean and traction during acceleration, managing even the torque generated by the latest generation superbikes.

Built for performance

Pirelli launches Diablo Rosso IV image

Pirelli has also paid attention to the tire’s profile. It features a race-derived, multi-radius design that improves the tire’s handling. The central area has a sharper profile to facilitate immediate lean and rapid change of direction. In the lateral areas, on the other hand, the profile curvature is less accentuated in order to increase the contact area and ensure maximum traction when cornering.

Diablo Rosso IV retains the iconic lightning pattern and leaves room for more slick shoulders for sportier performance. The central groove is lined with the flash design, carefully oriented to promote more uniform wear and water evacuation when upright.Side grooves continue the water evactuation at the first lean angles.

Front tires are built with Rayon ‘cords’ for more rigidity but less desnity for improved comfort. The larger rear tires feature a three-stranded Lyocell structure, which reduce lower deformation, offering greater resistance to the stress generated in corner entry and during harsh acceleration. These innovations allow these tires to easily handle motorcycles that exceed 200 horsepower.

Diablo legacy

Pirelli launches Diablo Rosso IV image

Since its introduction into the market in 2002, the Diablo brand brings with it more than 18 years of experience, technology and victories in motorsport. The Diablo Rosso line boasts of more than 5 million units sold to riders.