‘Smart motorcycles’ is the theme of Pinoy-made Lycan Motorcycles

Last month, we were all introduced to the start-up, 100% Pinoy motorcycle brand, Lycan. The company is located in Fairview, Quezon City, and they are on the road to produce its first batch of motorcycles for the Pinoy customers by 2022, with the Lycan G6 (300cc) and Challenger 1 (650cc), while development and eventual production of LYCAN electric motorcycles could be complete by 2023.

Today, Lycan Motorcycles – a 100% Filipino motorcycle brand – is proud to officially unveil the Challenger 1 and G6 prototype models along with the technologies it plans to integrate into its high-tech and futuristic motorcycles.

Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As technology becomes more readily available and with advancements in how people use it every day, Lycan aspires to provide Filipino riders with a totally new experience with motorcycles, vastly akin to its vision with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a first on a 100% Filipino-branded motorcycle – and Machine Learning to create a seamless interconnected network of devices with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

One of its proprietary technologies is the Lycan Motorcycle Operating System (LmOS), a patent-pending technology that houses all of the data and computing powers of its smart motorcycle. Similar to an operating system of any computer or smartphone, the LmOS allows for the installation of several program applications, software, and hardware to run in conjunction with several devices all working together and connected via mobile data, Bluetooth, and infrared.

To give the Lycan’s A.I. technology a personification, the company shall also introduce its Lycan Unified Network Assistant, or LUNA A.I. for short, that acts as a voice-based digital assistant to assist the rider in its endeavors. Lycan’s LUNA can be compared to Apple’s SIRI, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s Bixby, as the rider can verbally communicate with the A.I. and give commands where LUNA can comprehend and provide meaningful responses.

In order for the Lycan rider to effortlessly perform hands-free tasks and commands while riding, the company will also introduce a smart helmet – another first on a 100% Filipino -branded motorcycle – that has a microphone and speaker installed to allow two-way communication between the rider and LUNA, between rider and another Lycan rider, and between the rider and the company’s customer service representatives.

Aside from this, the smart helmet also has a Heads Up Display (HUD) installed within the smart helmet’s visor where the rider can see its fuel level, speed, tachometer, a map for GPS navigation, and many more – all without taking the rider’s eyes off the road.

Customized Lycan straight from the factory

To provide the market a less expensive option when personalizing a motorcycle, Lycan will also introduce its revolutionary motorcycle designer program meant for mass customization of different motorcycles from Cafe Racers, Scramblers, Bobbers, Cruisers, Adventure Bikes, and a whole lot more, giving new meaning to a straight-from-the-factory fully-customized motorcycle.

What makes the motorcycle designer technology convenient for the market is how it allows the customer to control their budget by seeing how much each part costs, against the total price of their desired design.

The company eyes in fully completing and assembling a customized motorcycle within a few days before shipping it straight to the customer’s garage.

To make its way into the market, Lycan is finally set to unveil its original high-tech motorcycle prototype models: the Lycan G6 (300cc) and Challenger 1 (650cc). The G6 was designed for a more relaxed ride, taking inspiration from modern-day bobbers while the Challenger 1 was designed for a more aggressive and sleek look for the younger generations.

All the features, technical specifications, introductory prices, and benefits shall be announced during the event where customers and riders can expect to own and ride a Lycan motorcycle as early as 2022. 

For more information, you may visit Lycan's official social media page or their website at www.lycan.com.ph