One e-scooter soon available in EU

Back in May, Italian motorcycle giant, Piaggio unveiled a new electric scooter, simply dubbed as the One. Now, Piaggio is preparing to ship it so showrooms, announcing that European deliveries for the One e-scooter will begin next month.

Piaggio One available next month at P173K image

While the One looks just like a regular Piaggio scooter, under the shell lies a 1.2 kW motor that can propel the e-scooter up to 43 kilometers per hour and onto a 54-kilometer range on one charge. The higher version, One Active, has a 2 kW motor capable of a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour and a range of 80 kilometers. Batteries can be fully recharged in as little as 6 hours.

Piaggio One available next month at P173K image

Other features include a digital color instrument panel with a sensor to adapt the background and luminosity to ambient conditions, full LED lights, a keyless start system, and two motor maps or drive modes.

Here in the country, the idea of riding e-scooters or other electric Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) is slowly gaining popularity mainly because they are affordable to maintain and that there is no registrations or driver’s licenses required (for now).

Would you consider this if it was offered locally?