New Peugeot Metropolis to be launched virtually

There may not be an EICMA this year, but Peugeot motorcycles is dead set on launching its new Metropolis 3-wheeler this September. Scheduled for September 8, 2020, the new Metropolis is a long overdue update of the aging model.

Peugeot has revealed few details about the upcoming model, however, it could possibly be the production version of the Metropolis RS concept unveiled at the 2019 EICMA.

The Metropolis RS features some enhancements to the Metropolis’s styling, like smaller headlights with integrated LED daytime running lamps and a reshaped front grille.

Peugeot launching 2021 3-wheeler Metropolis this September image

The current Metropolis is powered by a 339cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. It produces 35.5 PS and 38 Nm of torque. It features twin discs in front a disc in the rear governed by ABS.

Peugeot, along with Piaggio, were among the first motorcycle makers in the world to introduce leaning 3-wheelers into the market. With competitors like Yamaha, and possibly even Kawasaki looking to enter the segmet, it’s about time the original Metropolis received an update.

For the 2021 model year, the new Metropolis will very likely be Euro5 emissions compliant. Chances are it will likely include a traction control system, keyless ignition, and possibly even a stop/start system.

In the past, Peugeot offered a front and rear camera system as an exclusive feature on its anniversary edition Metropolis. Perhaps that might even be a standard feature now.

The long overdue Metropolis update has been planned for a while. However, with the motorcycle divisions recent acquisition by Indian carmaker, Mahindra, little progress has been made since. Now that the turn over to Mahindra seems to have been sorted and manufacture of the Metropolis maintained at the French factory, it seems like all sytems go for the new Metropolis. At least for the rest of the world. Currently, the Metropolis is not offered in the Philippines.