Two petrol players to roll back prices in the next 4 days

Just a few days ago on March 8, 2022, we have seen the biggest spike in fuel prices in the last couple of years. For gasoline, it went up PHP 3.60 per liter while diesel fuel went up almost PHP 6.00 per liter.

Unfortunately, as the crisis in Eastern Europe continues, the cost of imported oil is expected to reach USD 120 per barrel in the next few days, effectively raising fuel prices again next week by as much as PHP 12.00 per liter, according to analysts.

Amid this fuel price crisis, one retailer has announced that it will roll back its gasoline and diesel prices to “minimize the impact to motorists”.

Fuel retailer, Petro Gazz, will implement a fuel price rollback on gasoline and diesel fuels effective 6 AM on March 10 and will last up to 12 midnight of March 13, 2022. The fuel price rollback will be PHP 3.60 per liter for gasoline, while diesel fuel will be PHP 5.85 per liter cheaper in Petro Gazz stations.


The country's largest fuel retailer, Petron Corporation, will also be giving a fuel discount to their loyal customers.

On March 10, all registered Petron Value Card and Super Driver Card holders can get as much as x10 points equivalent to a P2 per liter discount on ALL Petron fuels with the Slash and Save with Petron Value Card promo. This one-day promo will be available at participating Petron stations nationwide. For the full mechanics and list of participating stations, visit Petron's official social media page.

Since the beginning of 2022, fuel prices went up almost PHP 10.00 per liter on gasoline and PHP 12.00 per liter on diesel.