Online payments now accepted

Thanks to new reforms and no-nonsense law enforcement, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is steadily making our roads safer day after day.

EDSA traffic czar, Col. Bong Nebrija, is always hands on when it comes to managing the traffic situation on both ends of the highway. He even brought along his new “toy” – a radar gun – to make sure that all vehicles follow the prescribed 60 KPH speed limit.

Also, the agency installed CCTVs at strategic locations within their jurisdiction to monitor traffic, emergencies, as well as apprehend traffic violators through their “No Contact Traffic Apprehention” policy.

While a good number of motorists, especially motorcycle riders, have straightened up and become more disciplined, there are still a few pasaway riders who continue to defy traffic laws. They often end up being ticketed and fined by the MMDA.

Settling these traffic violations is often a pain in the butt since one has to take a leave from work and painstakenly fall in line at the MMDA’s office or an accredited bank to settle the fine. If there’s any consolation, these fines can now be settled from the comfort of your home thanks to MMDA and Land Bank of the Philippines’ (LBP) recent partnership.

LBP’s new e-services portal will allow payments of traffic violation penalties online, anywhere, anytime.

Pay your MMDA traffic violation fine at the comfort of your home imageScreenshot of LBP's e-services portal


“In the age of digitization, cashless payment offers convenience for the clients. With the use of mobile phones and laptops/computers, we can now pay anytime and anywhere without the need to travel. Payment is now made easier and long queues will be avoided as they don’t have to go to the MMDA or any over-the-counter payment centers to pay the fines,” said MMDA Chairman, Benhur Abalos.

The MMDA added that every day, the agency receives around 2,000 over-the-counter transactions at their office and accredited payment centers across the metro. With the new portal, the public will now have to option to pay their fines online and have little to no exposure to the coronavirus.

Transactions made through LBP’s e-services portal accepts payments from most major banks, with the exception of BDO. The portal also charges a convenience fee of PhP 15.00 per transaction, on top of the traffic violation fine. Successful transactions will be posted the following day.

Please take note, however, to pay only the exact amount of the traffic violation, since getting a refund from the MMDA will require writing a letter with a receipt as an attachment to the Traffic Ticket Management Division (TTMD). You may have to be physically present at the MMDA’s office in Orense, Makati to claim the change.