PAREX first 'hybrid' highway

Yesterday, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) headed by Ramon S. Ang (RSA), and officials representing the Philippine government, have formally signed an agreement to greenlight the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX).

Upcoming expressway to include cyclists, pedestrians but not sub-400 image

Touted as the nation's first "hybrid" expressway, PAREX will be designed to accommodate vehicles, as well as a bus rapid transit system. Additionaly, pedestrians and cyclists will be allowed to use PAREX. Yes, pedestrians and cyclists.

While RSA didn't elaborate on the pedestrians and cyclists part, it is understood that they will be given a special lane, most likely, a separate protected lane on the right side of the upcoming expressway. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for small bike riders (under 400cc in displacement). RSA didn't mention anything about small bikes being part of the plan. If it is anything like Skyway Stage 3, it will be restricted to big bikes only.

Pasig River Expressway to include cyclists, pedestrians, but not sub-400 motorcycles image

PAREX is a 19.4-kilometer expressway that will run along Pasig River. PAREX will also have three segments: the first segment will run from Radial Road 10 (R10) near the Port of Manila all the way to Plaza Azul near Pandacan. PAREX will also connect to Skyway Stage 3 through this segment.

The 7.32-kilometer Segment 2, will connect the San Juan River to C5 in Pasig. Segment 3 will run from C5 to C6 with its 6.3-kilometer span. 

Once completed, PAREX should cut travel time for commuters and motorists coming from the Rizal area when going to Makati, BGC and Manila.