Surprise inspection finds Pasig traffic enforcers with expired licenses

There are no exceptions to the law in Pasig City. Not even for law enforcers.

Some Pasig City traffic enforcers were caught out by a surprise inspection conducted by chief of traffic operations in Pasig, Ronnie Fernandez. The surprise inspection found several officers were driving without a license or their license had expired. As such, they were given violation tickets. In some cases, even their vehicles were impounded.

“Sa wikang Ingles, may tinatawag tayong "Impunity" – ang kawalan ng pananagutan para sa mga taong nasa posisyon o kapangyarihan. Hindi tayo papayag na may impunity sa ating mga ranggo. Kung nakagawian dati na exempted ang mga naka uniporme sa batas trapiko, babaguhin natin yan ngayon,” said Sotto.

[In English, there is a trait called “impunity” – the belief of those in a position of power that they are exempted from punishment. We won't allow impunity in our ranks. If those in uniform were exempted from traffic laws before, we will change that.]

Sotto said that those in uniform, such as traffic enforcers, should uphold higher standards. More importantly, they should follow the rules and regulations that they themselves set out to implement to the general public.

Sotto’s actions are a welcome change at a time when several authority figures have already been caught violating quarantine rules and laws but have yet to receive the appropriate punishment or disciplinary action. It may not reflect well on the officers caught, though the action is definitely appreciated by the public, knowing those that enforce the law have to follow it as well.