NWOW 2023 new product showcase

NWOW – one of the largest electric bike brands in the country, has recently launched its new series of electric mobility devices that will surely satisfy the needs and lifestyle of every Filipino.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

Liu Mingliang, GM for NWOW Philippines


NWOW, which stands for “New Ways of World”, has been in the electric mobility business since 2010, and has been selling its products in 9 other markets outside of the Philippines and China, namely, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, and France.

New 2-wheel electric mobility models

Liu Mingliang, General Manager of NWOW Philippines, shared for the first time how the company's insights into user needs have led to a continuous exploration of specific demand scenarios. NWOW has launched 4 new electric two-wheeler models: the V11, V15, GP1, and RS.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

The V11 is a high-performance urban scooter and is the top-of-the-line model in NWOW's scooter series. It boasts a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h and a range of up to 75 km on a single charge. It provides higher speed and agility for urban riding, featuring a stylish design that combines high performance and practicality to meet the needs of city commuters.

As part of the YOUNG series, the V15 is NWOW's first electric motorcycle model. It reaches a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h and offers a range of up to 75 km per charge. It features an LED digital instrument panel and front and rear disc brakes. Just as its slogan suggests, “Cool Electric, Player's Choice”, the V15 has a very stylish and cool appearance, making it a great choice for young and fashionable riders.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

The GP1 and the RS, on the other hand, are small portable “last mile” electric mobility devices designed for the busy urban jungle. The GP1, for instance, combines the lightness and practicality of a folding bicycle into an electric bike. It is propelled by a 400W motor and is claimed to have a range of up to 85 km on one full charge. The top speed is 22 km/h and only weighs 19 kg.

The RS is an electric kick scooter with a respectable range and can be hand-carried when using public transportation.

3-wheels and 4-wheels

As the stalwart of the NWOW brand, the three-wheel and four-wheel vehicle models received comprehensive and all-encompassing product upgrades.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

Models like ERVS3, EMC, and Hero2 provide suitable transportation solutions for both home users and commercial users. In terms of segmentation, NWOW has expanded its product line from two-wheelers to include three-wheel and four-wheel vehicle series.

The upgrades and expansions of their vehicle models demonstrate NWOW's commitment to a diverse product lineup to cater to various types of user needs. The company's product diversity in segmented markets is expected to enhance NWOW's market share and further solidify its position in the transportation industry.

NWOW's Brand Refresh: Comprehensive Image, Service, and Channel Upgrades

During this release event, NWOW officially unveiled its new brand image, including a new brand logo and a visual system known as VISI. This refreshed image conveys a more youthful and stylish brand positioning, exuding a new sense of corporate vitality and identity, and offering a more exceptional brand recognition and visual experience for young users.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

The new brand logo is not only minimalist and stylish but also embodies the corporate philosophy of “New Ways Of World,” signifying NWOW's continuous exploration and search for the path to development. It also reflects the company's commitment to embracing the evolving trends in the youth market and changing consumer preferences.

In terms of service upgrades, NWOW has launched the “Environmental Travel” program, offering users high-quality charging services. For the distribution channels, NWOW has publicly released support information for dealership and agency partnerships, welcoming more enthusiastic individuals to join the NWOW family. NWOW has also introduced a vehicle leasing program to provide convenient daily transportation solutions for individuals or corporations.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

NWOW Chairman Kang Dingwu


“Let NWOW become your travel expert; focus on user needs and emphasize the delivery of product value,” says NWOW's Chairman, Kang Dingwu. He also believes that consumers are looking for not just low prices but also product cost-effectiveness and a sense of value.

Currently, NWOW has established and is in the process of building a total of three production facilities in the Philippines. Upon completion, these facilities will significantly increase the production capacity of electric vehicles and fulfill the demand for localized production in the Philippines.

NWOW introduces new products for sustainable transportation image

According to NWOW, the company boasts a "more than 50%" share of the total EV market in the Philippines, making it the current Number 1 electric mobility solutions company in the country.