A town in Cagayan arrests riders not wearing helmets

Since 2009, motorcycle riders have been required to wear a motorcycle-specific helmet every time they hop on their beloved steeds, by virtue of the Republic Act 10054, the Motorcycle Helmet Law.

Under the law, those who are caught violating will be fined PhP1,500 up to PhP10,000, including the confiscation of the violator’s driver’s license.

While other towns or private subdivisions have enacted their own ordinances that ban riders from wearing their safety helmets (at the expense of rider safety), a town in the Province of Cagayan has taken the helmet law seriously, maybe too seriously.

In the social media post above, motorcycle riders in the town of Lasam, north of Tuguegarao, caught not wearing their motorcycle helmets were immediately taken to the police station. There, they were charged with violating RA 10054, and were photographed with their mugshots, just like a suspect.

Cagayan Police Provincial Office confirmed the news through their official social media page. It was not mentioned though if the riders were allowed to leave or were detained. We’ll keep you posted for updates.

Do you think this is too much? Or this is necessary to convince pasaway riders to wear their helmets?