DPWH requriing geo-tagged photos on all projects

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is now requiring all of its civil works projects to use geotagging technology to improve efficiency in planning, budgeting, project monitoring, and contract management processes.

“In line with the continued implementation of the Department’s Project and Contract Management Application (PCMA), geotagged monthly progress and completion for all road and/or bridge civil works project components are hereby required from Implementing Offices, effective immediately,” said public works secretary, Mark Villar.

Under Department Order (DO) 85, geotagging will be used to show the location of all civil works projects during the four (4) project stages, namely: before project implementation, upon mobilization, monthly progress, and completion.

No more ghost projects: DPWH to use geo-tagging image

Responsible persons are identified and tasked to ensure that each project stage is documented in photographs with the appropriate geotags.

The designated Regional Office Planning Coordinator and designated Regional Project Manager shall be responsible for the before project implementation photos, to be captured during budget preparation.

On the other hand, the designated Project Engineer (PE) shall be responsible for the mobilization and monthly progress stages.

Mobilization photos shall ensure the project is in the same location as the project funded and monthly progress photos shall serve as visual evidence of accomplishments during the month covered.

The Implementing Office’s Construction Division/Section shall take responsibility for the completion photographs, which shall be captured during final inspection and uploaded to the Geographic Information System (GIS) once the status of the project component is “completed” in the PCMA.

The Department’s Planning Service (PS), Bureau of Construction (BOC), Information Management Service (IMS) together with the Implementing Office Head and Project Engineer (PE) are also tasked to assure that the geotagging application works efficiently.

Geotagged mobilization, monthly progress, and completion photos of all regular infrastructure civil works project components regardless of cost, infrastructure type, or fund source should be carried out during the month of the activity specified.