Will this finally encourage riders to wear their helmets?

India has its own national helmet law which, like our very own Republic Act 10054, mandates all riders to wear standard protective helmets when riding motorcycles. In some of its cities, however, they have taken the measure to the next level.

Starting August 5, the City of Bengaluru which is a highly urbanized city in south India, will start implementing a “No helmet, no fuel” policy. This means that any motorcycle rider, including their pillion, will not be allowed to buy fuel at any gas station within the city limits if they are NOT wearing their helmets.

"The Bengaluru Traffic Police has spoken with petrol pump owners across the city and have even written to oil marketing companies like IOC, HP and BP seeking their cooperation to enforce the 'No Helmet, No Fuel' initiative,” Bengaluru City Additional Traffic Commissioner P. Harishekaran told News18. “This is being done purely for the interest, safety, and security of people.”

The City of Bengaluru is not the first city to take such a step to enforce safe motorcycle riding among its inhabitants. On June 1, 2019, the State of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 200-million and is about the size of the entire Philippines, has already enacted the “No helmet, no fuel” policy and prohibited motorcycle riders from using the Lucknow-Agra expressway if they are not wearing their helmets.

While Indian local government units are taking extra steps to make motorcycle riding safer, there are some local ordinances here in the Philippines that even BAN the wearing of motorcycle safety helmets, citing reasons like easy identification to prevent crimes perpetrated by riding-in-tandem criminals.

Will we see this policy coming here in the Philippines? This could be a good idea.