Four years ago, Honda introduced an abomination to the world of scooters: the X-ADV 750 – a cross between a large-capacity scooter and adventure bike. Then, in 2019, the Honda X-ADV 750 had a spin-off in the form of the ADV150 scooter.

The ADV150 became an instant hit in the Philippines, even before officially becoming available in Honda showrooms. At the time, an aspiring owner will have to endure a few months on the waiting list before getting his hands on an ADV150 scooter.

In this year’s EICMA, the Taiwanese want to pick up a fight with the Japanese, as SYM introduces its own adventure-scooter, the Husky ADV 150.

Husky ADV 150

New SYM Husky ADV 150 wants to fight Honda’s ADV 150 image

Sporting the same rugged look like Honda’s ADV150, the SYM Husky ADV 150 is also aimed towards the more adventurous scooter riders, thanks to its dual-sport tires and heavy-duty suspension.

Powering the Husky ADV 150 is a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, OHV, EFI engine that churns out about 16 Ps of power and 14.5 Nm of torque. By comparison, Honda’s ADV150 churns almost exactly the same figures in terms of power and torque as the Husky ADV 150.

New SYM Husky ADV 150 wants to fight Honda’s ADV 150 image

Other features include full-LED lighting with daylight running lights, a full-color TFT screen, USB charging port, rear mono-shock absorber, and ABS as standard for both the front and rear wheels.

Perhaps, what separates the Husky ADV 150 vs the ADV150 (and even all the scooters in the 150cc class) is the inclusion of a 15-liter fuel tank. What this means is that SYM’s 150cc adventure scooter can go beyond where the road ends, as its large fuel tank can hypothetically take its rider up to 720 kilometers of riding in one top-up. It's like riding all the way from Rizal Park in Manila to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte through Tuguegarao in Cagayan, with enough fuel to spare for a little side trip.

New SYM Husky ADV 150 wants to fight Honda’s ADV 150 image

Seat height is listed at 780mm.

With almost identical power and torque figures with the ADV150, a longer fuel range and a suspension package that looks promising, will the Taiwanese win over the Japanese this time around?