Shoei has a new helmet in store for 2017. The RF-SR will be available in early 2017 starting at a reasonable $399 (around PhP 19,300). Packed with features, this safety lid is no ordinary entry-level. The base model will initially come in an array of monochromatic versions as well as orange and blue; they include some delicious matte colors.

The RF-SR is a rather advanced helmet considering the price. Comfortable for both short-distance sporting and long-distance touring, its compact shell boasts aerodynamic design with a profile that’s neutrally fetching to suit a wide variety of motorcycle types and riding philosophies. Matte black ventilation components provide aggressively tactical accents and outstanding airflow, while promising to cool you off without unwanted road noise.

The back of the new SHOEI RF-SR helmet

Eye protection is provided by a CWR-1 shield that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and can be changed without fuss (thanks to the weatherproof QR-E Base Plate System). Construction by 3D injection molding prevents any visual distortion while featuring ribs at the visor’s top and bottom to avoid bending and increase rigidity. All helmets come with a Pinlock EVO lens insert—the highly reviewed anti-fog system for riding in colder weather conditions.

The shell itself, Shoei claims, is the brand’s strongest, lightest, and most elastic yet. The matrix is manufactured with multiple hand-laid layers of interwoven fiberglass, resin, and organic fibers. A dual-layer, multi-density EPS foam liner protects your fragile skull underneath. Tunnels in the EPS facilitate the travel of air for additional cooling.

Another available color for the SHOEI RF-SR

The helmet’s interior is removable, replaceable, and adjustable. It’s shaped to stabilize and comfortably wrap around the contours of one’s dome. Multi-layer cheek pads come in different sizes and can be safely removed by emergency medical technicians. In case of a crash, this allows them to remove your helmet with more ease and less risk.

Purchases of the Shoei RF-SR will include a breath guard, chin curtain, Pinlock EVO lens insert, and a helmet bag in the box.