LTO hopes to meet MC plate backlog sooner with new 7.2K capacity machine

Are you a motorcycle owner that, up until now, has been waiting for your motorcycle’s number plate? We have good news for you: a second plate-making machine is now operational, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) reports.

The second automated plate-making machine acquired by the LTO has started operating, as part of the agency’s modernization efforts and fast-tracking of plates distribution.

The new plate-making robot, specifically for producing motorcycle license plates, is the second plate-making machine acquired by the LTO for its own Plate-Making Facility in Quezon City. The first machine is dedicated to the production of motor vehicle plates.

According to LTO, the machine is capable of stamping 450 motorcycle plates per hour in an efficient and systematic manner or 3,600 motorcycle plates in an eight-hour shift a day, and 7,200 motorcycle plates a day on a two-shift basis. The machine, which will be manned by two LTO personnel, can produce a total of 158,400 motorcycle plates a month on a two-shift per day basis.

Transportation Secretary, Arthur Tugade, has said that the new machine will fast-track the plate stamping of motorcycle number plates, which has a backlog of about 10-million number plates.

“This is the first time that we have a high-tech robot that is making plates, and this is the first time that we have two... with the IDE-Robot, the distribution of number plates for motorists will be fast-tracked. I have to commend Assistant Secretary, Edgar Galvante, for this important initiative,” said Tugade in Filipino.

Meanwhile, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante explained that the newest plate-making machine will complement the existing plate-making machines at the LTO Plate-Making Facility to ensure a more efficient and swift motor vehicle and motorcycle plates production.

“This is definitely a big help in augmenting our current plate-making capacity. And as we produce, we will continue to distribute so that we can provide plates for all registered vehicles,” Galvante explained.