Watch out, Suzuki Raider and Yamaha Sniper!

Over the past few weeks, we've speculated on what could be the next new underbone that Honda Philippines will unveil this month.

At first, before any teasers were posted, we've speculated that it would be the CT125 which was just launched at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Since the teaser image has been revealed, it now seems unlikely. The new motorcycle could be the long awaited replacement to the aging Honda Wave or RS 150R. It does bear some resemblance to the Supra X with its sporty qualities and aggressive styling that fits the current RS 150R's market positioning.

During the weekend, however, our keen-eyed readers have pointed out several factors that would make the Supra GTR 150 the most likely new RS 150R here in the PH.


According to them, and citing the teaser image from Honda Philippines' official social media page, the silhouette revealed two things: 1.) that the shape of the headlight cowling has blunter edges and sportier lines than that of the Supra X; and, 2.) that the lower fairing on both sides below the signal lights have “stripes” that are only found on the Supra GTR 150 models.

Last July, has already featured a story about the Winner X when it was launched in Vietnam. The Winner X, which has looks closer to the Click line of motorcycles is also called the RS 150R in Malaysia. While Honda Vietnam doesn't have the Supra GTR in its lineup, it does have a smaller Wave RSX Fi 110 which looks like Indonesia's Supra X.


Honda claims that the Supra GTR 150 is capable of producing 16.3 Ps (16 Hp) of power and it is currently Honda's most powerful underbone motorcycle to date. It is mated to a 6-speed transmission. It also boasts of all-LED lighting and a fully digital instrument panel. It rides on alloy wheels, comes with a sporty exhaust pipe and is equipped with ABS in some Asian markets.

But, like our previous articles about the possible Wave (or RS) model upgrade, these are all speculation. It's possible that the Supra GTR name may even be carried over here. Honda Philippines has not, in any way confirmed nor denied these guesses.

The new Honda Supra GTR is available in Indonesia in four color combinations. The top-spec model has a price tag of IDR 23,685,000 or roughly PhP 85,445 when converted directly. Of course, Philippine taxes and duties have yet to be applied, which may alter the local price.

Whatever it is Honda PH has in its sleeves is getting us really excited.