The Network of Educated and Neophyte Association of Kleptomaniacs (NENAK) will be holding a unity ride today, April 1, 2019, in protest of the recently-filed Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act or Republic Act 11235.

The group, composed of career criminals and apprentices, have decided to stage a unity ride to bring to light the trampling of the law upon their rights and ability to continue to work. Several participants have confirmed the PNP-HPG’s statement that they use their own motorcycles when working. The group has expressed anger over the government’s efforts to put a stop to their sole mode of income. The group made it clear that they are not just against the Doble Plaka provision but the use of plates on their motorcycles entirely.

The group has stressed that they were never consulted by any motorcycle rider groups or government elements on how the new law will affect their line of work and livelihood. The group has threatened to file civil action against the government, citing the invasion of privacy.

Papaano kami ta-trabaho ngayon kung kelangan na lagyan ng plaka ang motor? Papaano kami makakatakas sa ninakawan namin kung makikila kaagad ang sarili naming motor na ginagamit naming sa krimen? Hindi na naming kaya tumahimik. Kelangan ipag-alam na sa bayan! (How will we be able to work if we need to put a plate on our bikes? How will we escape from our victims if they can identify our own motorcycles that we use when committing crime? We will stay silent no longer. The country needs to know.),” said 'Kupit' Morales, President of the NENAK group.

To make their voices heard, the group will stage a unity ride, today, April 1, 2019, from Claro M. Recto in Manila, out into Lerma, passing by Quiapo Church, and across the Quiapo Bridge into Lawton in Manila.

Once at Lawton, the group hopes to organize a demonstration in the area, to show the public how they do their jobs every day and how the new law has now made it impossible to continue to do so. Members of the group will stand in as unsuspecting citizens with handbags, while another pair will stand in as motorcycle-riding thieves. During the protest, key experts will talk about their modus-operandi in spotting susceptible victims, signaling each other, and executing the act. They will also bring to light how the new Law now makes it difficult for honest, own-motorcycle using criminals like them to continue to do their job.

Expect a lot of traffic when traversing the Lawton area, and Happy April Fools!